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Who we are

By Kirti Kumar (Founder & CEO)

Luxus chocolates is a brand that was born out of our founder’s love for two life-sustaining subjects- Food & Science. Having completed her Masters in Food Processing and been associated with the Food Industry since 2012, our Founder and Managing Partner Kirti, was driven to create delectable and absolutely indulgent hand-crafted chocolates that had the potential to provide a truly satisfying experience while being easily accessible in our own home country. Additionally, she has also trained extensively under the chocolate experts from the renowned International Chocolate Academy. In her own words, “I have always wanted to start a business where I could nurture my love for food and Science. Luxus Chocolates was started with a goal to enable easy accessibility of premium chocolates similar to those available internationally.”

Why Luxus Chocolates?

At Luxus Chocolates, the love for food and science come together with a goal to create some of the best decadent, premium chocolates in the country. Since chocolates are loved across all ages, it is the perfect gifting option for all festivals and special occasions. Our product line is unique and diverse and can also be customized to suit your requirements. Almost needless to mention, we use 100% pure Belgian chocolate and only the finest ingredients.